Dear visitor

It is my dream come true that I can welcome you as a professional beautician on my own website. I was always interested in the world of cosmetics and I feel very lucky that my hobby became also my profession. After obtaining the qualification to be a beauty therapist I trained further in hand treatment and eyelash styling to be able to give the best advices and services to my patients.

It still amazes me how small changes can make huge effects. For example, how the shape of the eyebrows can affect how your whole face looks like. Or a facial treatment can not only nurse our skin, but also our soul.

In my work I always pursue quality results driven by my expertise. It makes me happy when my clients leave my salon satisfied. This is what drives me: the smile of my clients and the knowledge that I can give them relaxation and self-confidence.

In case you need advices or treatments, I await you with multiple years of experience and a professional attitude.

I hope we will see each other soon.


With kind regards,
Dorottya Tóth
Beauty therapist