Eyebrows are at least as expressive as eyelashes and can affect how we influence others. Because of this, a well-shaped eyebrow is essential for our everyday communication.

I gladly help you to find the ideal eyebrow shape and color that fits your type and the shape of your face.

Eyebrow shaping

With perfectly shaped eyebrows you can give your face a contour to your liking. While it’s a matter of taste if it means a thin, thick or sharp eyebrow, during our session I will give you advices about the perfect shape for you.

I use resin and eyebrow clip or threading technique for eyebrow shaping.


30 CHF approx. 15 minutes

with eyebrow tinting

55 CHF approx. 25 minutes

Eyebrow tinting

While there are not too many of us blessed with rich and beautiful eyebrows, tinting them can make them appear much richer than they are. The applied color lasts long, giving a natural and neat look. For the best effect it is a good idea to select an eyebrow color that matches one’s hair color.


30 CHF approx. 15 minutes

mit Augenbrauen zupfen

55 CHF approx. 25 minutes


Eyebrow tinting30 CHF
Eyebrow shaping30 CHF
Eyebrow tinting + shaping55 CHF