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The goal of skin care is to slow down its aging by cleansing it and improving its metabolism, muscle tone and vitality. During your facial treatment we will talk about your needs and treatment wishes.

As a professional, I analyse your skin for you at the beginning of your treatment. After your treatment you will clearly know whether the products you have at home are suitable for your skin.

I gladly help in case you have any questions about the appropriate products that are advised for personal use at home, because I recommend to complement the facial treatments with regular home skincare. I give gladly some advice to you by choosing your products – for a perfect and fresh feeling.

You can find the facial treatment services that I offer below:

Classic – refreshment

A personalized skincare for your skin integrated with a refreshing facial-, neck- and decolleté-massage. This facial treatment is fitted to the needs of each skin type and it helps providing a fresh complexioned, toned and groomed skin.

The classic facial treatment is one of the most popular treatments in cosmetics, which not only nurses your skin, but also includes a refreshing facial-, neck- and decolleté-massage.


  • Skin cleansing
  • Peeling
  • Facial-, neck- and decolleté-massage
  • Active ingredient ampoule with ultrasound device
  • Mask


130 CHF approx. 70 minutes

Pure skin – against impurity

This facial treatment focuses on deep cleansing, which rids the skin from purulent infections and inflammations. The goal of this treatment is, that the sebaceous gland will be rebalanced again and the skin becomes pure, fresh and lively. The skin texture will be refined as well.


  • Skin cleansing
  • Peeling
  • Steaming
  • Deep cleansing
  • High-frequency: disinfectant and antiphlogistic
  • Impurity Stop ampoule-cocktail with ultrasound device
  • Skin clarify mask


140 CHF approx. 90 minutes

Sensitive – for irritated skin

Earmark of a sensitive skin is its high susceptibility to external and internal factors. It can be an attribute of any skin type. During the treatment the irritated skin will be soothed and its hydration level will be balanced as well.


  • Sensiderm skin cleansing
  • Soft Peeling
  • Facial-, neck- and decolleté-massage with soothing Sesiderm mask
  • Sensi Calm ampoule with ultrasound device
  • Soothing Mask


150 CHF approx. 80 minutes

+ Steaming and deep cleansing (in case your skin irritation level allows it)

160 CHF approx. 90 minutes

Perfection White – against pigment disorder

It is an intensive treatment against pigment disorder. During this treatment an effective, brightening and skin tone equalizing active agent is used to ensure a vivid and clear skin tone. After the treatment the pigmented spots will be brighter and the production of melanin will be reduced.


  • Gesichtsreinigung
  • gentle fruit acid peeling
  • Facial-, neck- and decolleté-massage
  • Mela-White ampoule-cocktail with ultrasound device
  • Mela-White Gelmask


150 CHF approx. 80 minutes

+ Steaming and deep cleansing

160 CHF approx. 90 minutes


Living a stressful life can affect our skin in a negative way: it can lead to water-, oxygen- and vitamin deprivation. To prevent or handle this, the Vitality treatment uses agents that strengthen the resistance of the cells, their ability to retain water and let them breathe better.


  • Skin cleansing
  • Peeling with Hydroabrasion
  • Facial-, neck- and decolleté-massage
  • Vitality ampoule-cocktail with ultrasound device
  • revitalising Mask


150 CHF approx. 80 minutes

+ Steaming and deep cleansing

160 CHF approx. 90 minutes


This treatment stimulates and activates the regenerative power of the skin, which makes it look younger and tight and fades wrinkles. By improving the blood flow in the tissues, the whole body feels renewed. Thanks to the potent agents, the skin will breathe easier and will feel fresher.


  • Skin cleansing
  • Peeling with Hydroabrasion
  • Facial-, neck- and decolleté-massage
  • Perfect Future ampoule-cocktail with ultrasound device
  • Anti-Aging Mask


160 CHF approx. 80 minutes

+ Steaming and deep cleansing

170 CHF approx. 90 minutes

Effective results thanks to ultrasound device



Classic facial treatment - refreshment130 CHF
Pure skin facial treatment – against impurity140 CHF
Sensitive facial treatment – for irritated skin150 CHF
Perfection white facial treatment – against pigment disorder150 CHF
Vitality facial treatment150 CHF
Anti-Aging facial treatment160 CHF