Waxing is a treatment usable on all of the body. For a successful waxing the hair has to be around 5-6mm long. Waxing has to be repeated every 4-5 weeks, which means that your skin remains stubble-free for longer time than after shaving.

After waxing I use various products containing natural ingredients to soothe your skin and accelerate pore closure.


45 CHF  Forearme or upper arms

60 CHF  Whole Arms

55 CHF  Lower legs or thighs

85 CHF  Whole legs

55 CHF  Chest

50 CHF  Abdomen

40 CHF  Lumbar region

80 CHF  Back


Hair removal with sugar paste is a long-lasting solution alternative to shaving or waxing which is gentle to the skin. During the treatment I use a warm paste made of sugar, lemon and water which looks like honey. This material makes hair removal fast and efficient while staying gentle.

Because of its gentle nature, it is particularly suitable for removing hair from more sensitive areas. This is why I use the sugaring technique for intimate areas and armpits.

The treatment leaves you with silk-smooth skin that lasts for 4-6 weeks, depending on the body part. After sugaring I use various products containing natural ingredients to soothe your skin and accelerate pore closure.


55 CHF  Bikini (only for women)

85 CHF  Brazilian (only for women)

25 CHF  Armpits

Facial hair removal, threading technique

The so-called “threading” technique is very popular in Switzerland, and for good reasons. With threads it is possible to remove every single piece of hair. Also, while normal shaving cuts hair close to the skin surface, threading removes the hair completely, along with its root. Regular hair removal with threading also causes the hair to grow thinner, making them less visible.

This technique is used mainly for facial hair removal as using threading on bigger surfaces can be a time-consuming procedure.

Because no chemicals are used during the process, threading is suitable for sensitive skin types.

After the treatment your skin will feel fresh and silk-smooth, without the red spots that epilation could cause – a mild erythema is expected, but it vanishes soon.


25 CHF  Upper lip

25 CHF  Chin

45 CHF  Chin + upper lip

30 CHF  Cheek

30 CHF  Eyebrows

80 CHF  Whole Face without eyebrows

85 CHF  Whole Face with eyebrows




Forearms or upper arms45 CHF
Whole arms60 CHF
Lower legs or thighs55 CHF
Whole legs85 CHF
Back80 CHF
Chest55 CHF
Abdomen50 CHF
Lumbar region40 CHF
Bikini55 CHF
Brazilian85 CHF
Armpit25 CHF
Facial hair removal with threading technique
Upper lip25 CHF
Chin + Upper lip45 CHF
Cheek30 CHF
Eyebrows30 CHF
Whole Face without eyebrows80 CHF
Whole Face with eyebrows85 CHF