Face-, neck- and decolleté-massage

This treatment loosens muscles on the face-, neck- and decolleté up and activates muscle cells. It not only has a tightening effect, but thanks to the pleasant massage motions the excreta- and toxin-depletion from the body is also sped up. According to my experiences, this type of massage not only cleanses the body, but relaxes the mind.


60 CHF approx. 30 minutes

Neck- and back massage

This massage type is based on the classic medical massage: its aim is to loosen up the back muscles, improve blood circulation and calm the nerve system. Its recommended against muscle stiffness, often caused by working all day long in one posture.


90 CHF 30 minutes

Hand- and foot massage

Our hands and feet are exposed to a lot of strain in our everyday life and are therefore in need of treatments that regenerate them. Massage in these areas help well-being, blood circulation, and the mobility and flexibility of the affected body parts.
In my salon hand- and foot massage is only offered together with wellness treatments.

Wellness treatments for hands or feet:

  • Hand- or foot bath with CND Bright Citron soak
  • Skin correction
  • Nails shaping
  • Peeling and callus removal
  • Hand or foot mask
  • Hand- or foot massage
  • Polishing with normal coat or with Shellac


115 CHF ca. 60 minutes Wellness manicure with hand massage

115 CHF ca. 60 minutes Wellness pedicure with foot massage

Leave everyday life behind you and dive into a world of well-being.


Face- and decolleté massage60 CHF
Neck and back massage90 CHF
Wellness manicure with hand massage115 CHF
Wellness pedicure with foot massage115 CHF